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Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna at the centre of Braj or Brij-bhoomi, called Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi, literally: 'Lord Krishna's birthplace'. The Keshav Dev Temple was built in ancient times on the site of Krishna's birthplace (an underground prison). Mathura was the capital of the Surasena Kingdom, ruled by Kansa the maternal uncle of Shri Krishna.

The most popular temples/places include:

Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is a religious temple located in the crowded city of Mathura. This temple is the birthplace of ancient Hindu god Lord Krishna. It is a prison cell belonging to Kansa where Lord Krishna was born.

Dwarkadhish Temple is situated in the heart of the city of Mathura. An excellent work of art, the interiors of the temple include images of the Lord Krishna, his beloved Radha and other Hindu deities. The architecture of the temple has elements of local art and aesthetics.

Yamuna Aarti at Vishram Ghat in Mathura is one of life's more beautiful experiences. This particular one has the distinction of being the place where Lord Krishna is believed to have rested after killing his evil and tyrannical uncle Kansa.

Mathura Museum is famous for ancient sculptures of the Mathura school dating from 3rd century BC to 12th century AD., during Kushan Empire and Gupta Empire. Today it is one of the leading museums of Uttar Pradesh.


Vrindavan is considered to be a holy place by all traditions of Hinduism. The major tradition followed in the area is Vaisnavism, and it is a center of learning with many Vrindavan Ashrams operating. Its a center of Krishna worship and the area includes places like Govardhana and Gokul that are associated with Krishna. Many millions of bhaktas or devotees of Radha Krishna visit these places of pilgrimage every year and participate in a number of festivals that relate to the scenes from Krishna's life on Earth.

The most popular temples include:

Banke Bihari Temple, built in 1862[8] is the most popular shrine at Vrindavan. The image of Banke-Bihari was discovered in Nidhi Vana by Swami Haridas, the great Krishna devotee, belonging to the Nimbarka sampradaya.

ISKCON is the most beautiful temples in Vrindavan today. The principal deities of this temple are Krishna and Balaram, with Radha–Shyamasundar and Gaura-Nitai alongside. Adjoining the temple is the samadhi of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, built in pure white marble.

Prem Mandir is the most beautiful and clean, religious and spiritual complex situated on a 54-acre site on the outskirts of Vrindavan, is one of the newest temples dedicated to Divine Love. The temple structure was established by spiritual guru Kripalu Maharaj.[9] The main structure built in marble looks incredibly beautiful and is an educational monument that reflects the true history of Sanatana Dharma. Figures of Shri Krishna and his followers depicting important events surrounding the Lord's existence cover the main temple.

Maa Vaishno Devi Ashram at Vrindavan hosts an array of statues, articles, and abodes which are awe-inspiring not only because of their architecture but also in their very existence at such a holy place. Maa Vaishno's Murti (Statue) is the star attraction of the Ashram. This statue is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on the Ashram land, which is situated at the world-renowned land of childhood homeland of Lord Shri Krishna.


Govardhan famous for Holy Goverdhan Hill.There are many temples in this town namely Haridev Mandir, Daan-Ghati Mandir and Mukharbind. The town is also famous for its 21 kilometer long Parikrama of the a very old hill called Govardhan. The parikrama procession is held in very high religious belief. Its said that Lord Krishna held Govardhan Hill on his little finger to save the town from wrath of the god of rains Indra.


Gokul is the quaint town of cowherds where Lord Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yasodha. It is a fascinating trip where you can see the places where Lord Krishna performed his miracles and also have a look at some of the relics from those times.


Barsana the birth place of Radha a favourite devotee of Lord Krishna. It is a famous place for pilgrimage. Barsana is known for a fervent form of Holi known as the Lath-maar Holi. It takes the form of a procession coming down from Radharani temple.


Nandgaon is a religious place due to its association with the lord Krishna. It is believed that Krishna spent his childhood. It is known as the home of Lord Krishna's foster father Nand.